As a company, HSCPM have invested considerable resource over the years developing a unique bespoke tracker. This is the focal point of all our management activities, and it is around this system that all our services are maintained, regulated and controlled.

Each director, officer of a Residents Association or investor client can request for full access to the tracker, relevant to their property. The tracker works in real time and updates the moment any action is taken and therefore no action or response can be hidden.

If an individual Long Leaseholder or commercial tenant raises an issue, they will have coded access to their particular issue only and not the wider management activity.

On site staff also have access to the tracker for up-dating, receiving instructions and information.

Online Portal

Access to accounting information - 24 hours a day, Budgets vs Actuals and Service Charge statement, updated daily.

Accounting Transparency

We take a cautious approach to spending other people’s money and do not commit to any major expenditure without our clients' authority. At the end of the building financial year the building accounts are independently audited or certified in accordance with the lease requirements.

Please ask for a demonstration.