Adding value by effective management

Hurford Salvi Carr block management department focuses on blocks ranging from 15 units up to the largest and most complex estates where there is a need for a high-level interactive professional block management service. For buildings under 15 units or for buildings with a very active high residents’ participation, then our more targeted service offered by the small building management team may be more applicable.

One of the unique services we provide all our clients is the ability, as a director of a Right to Manage company, Officer of a Residents Association or Freehold Ground Rent investors, to study our management in real time via our unique issues tracker. Accessed via a secure code all our management activities are recorded and can be viewed 24/7 therefore we have no place to hide. This secure password protected real time property management portal was created 25 years ago by Hurford Salvi Carr. The tracker gives detailed management accounts updated every 24 hours with easy budget verses cost analysis to keep you in total control of the management of your investment.

To us, effective and efficient block property management does not mean just keeping an expert eye on the day-to-day issues; it’s also about anticipating what tomorrow might bring.

Forward-thinking means forward-planning and when it comes to property maintenance, preventing problems is always less cost and time consuming than curing them.


HSCPM have developed a unique online property management tracker system allowing commercial clients, RTM directors, nominated officers of Residents Associations and Freehold investors to see in real time, via secure access, all our management activities and up-dated daily accounts information. Please ask for a demonstration. Click here for further information about our Real Time Tracker and daily accounts summary.

An outline building budget is prepared for the forthcoming 12 months and then discussed in detail with the directors or freeholders prior to the years’ service charge statements being issued and agreed. Budgets reflect the needs and wishes of our clients and prioritise funding for those issues that need immediate attention.

Last year’s accounts are audited or certified within 6 months of year end. Click here for further information about our Real Time Tracker and Daily Accounts Summary.

A residential property manager is assigned to every management instruction and they have the back-up of a dedicated assistant plus an account executive. No manager has more than 10 buildings to look after or 700 units.

Every leaseholder has direct contact by telephone and email with their property manager and assistant property manager.

HSCPM offer a 24-hour emergency call out service for those unfortunate leaseholders and clients that require immediate assistance. Our 24-hour helpline is manned by a senior property manager 24/7/365 Tel: 07506 539684. Email:

One benefit of managing a large property portfolio is that we can use our buying power to secure competitive prices on building insurance and other services for you. The size of your building does not matter. All clients benefit from our competitive insurance rates equally. Click here to read more

Alternatively, some blocks prefer to have their own stand-alone policy and our insurance brokers are happy to advise, if needed.

HSCPM have their own in-house maintenance team available for small maintenance issues such as electrical, plumbing and general repairs, working under the banner of Ashby & Horner, the team also directly employs building cleaners.

Their focus is work orders with values under £500 plus VAT that require responses. Click here for Ashby & Horner brochure.

Ashby Building Surveyors are our in-house team of chartered surveyors who work with the property managers to provide and give clear guidance for both leaseholders and support to our property managers. Click here for Ashby Building Surveyors website.

Whether you are registered as a Residents Management Company (RMC) or you have set up a company to own the freehold, you have certain statutory responsibilities to undertake. However, you can leave all the paperwork to us.

The Company Secretariat and Legal Department supports our property managers, individual long leaseholders and is available to answer legal questions or queries.

We can complete the company secretariat work on your behalf, from making the Statutory Returns to dealing with replies to enquiries and changes of shareholding when there is a sale.

Our Health & Safety compliance is co-ordinated by our in-house health & safety officer. All of the specialist tests required are undertaken by independent qualified contractors, all of whom have been vetted by our Health & Safety Officer including their certification of PI insurance, professional qualifications, GDPR policies etc. Click here for further information.

Working with our in-house Building Surveying team, Ashby Building Surveyors, a 20 year planned maintenance programme is produced, giving a costed long term master maintenance plan with a detailed budget for the forthcoming 12-24 months. Working with clients, setting timetables, priorities and financial goals the aim is to reduce unexpected spikes in service charge accounts and allow all residents to financially plan for their future and build reserve funds, where applicable. Click here for Ashby Building Surveying website.

HSCPM provide full HR support for our team of front of house services in our managed properties. The on-site staff take responsibility for the important interface between the long leaseholders and their visitors. Click here for further information.

Taking over the management of a building from an existing managing agent is a staged process. Our handover team are very experienced specialists in the area of taking on the management and re-building the background detail to ensure on the day all the management responsibilities are transferred to HSCPM through a seamless transition. Click here for more information.

Your property will be managed under the regulations of either the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), Association of Residential Management Agents (ARMA) with our financial and insurance activities regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

You can have total confidence that all service charge money is kept securely in a designated clients account. All clients' accounts are either certified or audited at the financial year end.