HSC at Castle Street, Hertford, are a brilliant managing agent. We have been working with HSC as their risk management provider for over 10 years. They know their developments well and always go the extra mile to ensure compliance. A top class agent.

Craig Pearson, Cardinus Risk Management - 12/12/23

Dear Stephen

Further to the sale of the Dundee Court Freehold to the residents’ company, I would like to add my thanks to Martin’s to Hurford Salvi Carr for their management of Dundee Court over the past four years. The job was made particularly difficult and time consuming by the lack of information handed over from the previous agent. I was very impressed by the diligence of the HSC legal and accounting departments in reallocating and correcting historic anomalies that had arisen due to differences in individual leases.

The accounts department are to be commended on their attention to detail and their help and support.

Please pass on my gratitude to all members of the HSC team. The new Freeholders don’t know how lucky they are to have the benefit of an efficient managing agent to enable the smooth running of their property.

Kind regards

Julia, Freeholder - 13/09/22

Dear Yvette and Ben,

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you both and, if I may, through you thanking your accounting and other colleagues for all your help and support over the management of Dundee Court. You and indeed your predecessors have consistently done a fantastic job often in trying conditions for which we are very grateful. If the new freeholders know what's good for them, they will be doing their very best to ensure that you stay on.

Our Accounts Manager who has an extensive and, as a result, somewhat jaundiced view about the efficiencies of the accounts departments of property managers is very complimentary about the accounting team at Hurford Salvi Car.

Further to my earlier email on the subject, I had a discussion with Stephen who I'm sure will be liaising with you about the practicalities of a handover to the new owners.

Obviously, please do not hesitate to let us know if we can assist in any way in this process.


Martin, Freeholder - 08/09/22

Dear Claire,

This is great news! Thank you so much for the enormous amount of work you have undertaken with this process and for your tenacity to see it through to such good resolve. As someone who only bought in 2019, this is a great relief! Thanks also to the Board of Management for digging in there with the queries.

Wishing you all the best for Christmas and here’s hoping 2022 has less property challenges!

Kind regards

Emily, Long-time Leaseholder - December 2021

Dear Claire

This is a fantastic result and a huge relief for all of us. A massive thank you to you and the team for all your perseverance and hard work in achieving this result on our behalf.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and new year

With thanks and best wishes

Sally, Long-time Leaseholder - December 2021

Good Morning Claire,

Congratulations on obtaining the B1 rating for xx xx.

I haven't been closely involved (personally) but I am aware how much you personally contributed to this achievement.

It means a great deal to myself & my family.

Huge thank you :o)

Paul, Long-time Leaseholder - December 2021

Dear Claire,

Many thanks to you and your teams for achieving this excellent result. It is very much appreciated!

Have a well earned Christmas break when it arrives.

Anthony, Long-time Leaseholder - December 2021

Hi Claire,

Very well done, thank you for getting this wrapped up. This is a huge relief and lifts a weight off us.

We are very grateful for you coming in and sorting this out.

I hope you have a Merry Christmas and enjoy a well-earned mulled wine or two.


Nick & Victoria, Long-time Leaseholders - December 2021

Lauren, Claire

That’s great news about the B1 rating – thank you very much for all your hard work on the EWS issue.

Kind regards

Tim, Long-time Leaseholder - December 2021

Great news for Xmas. Thank you.

Jane, Long-time Leaseholder - December 2021

That’s great news, thanks Claire.

Rob, Long-time Leaseholder - December 2021

A great result! Thanks so much.

Philip, Long-time Leaseholder - December 2021

Great working with HSC.

Vineyard Heights BSF funded cladding replacement scheme very close to completion. Congratulations to the whole team for delivering a complex cladding project on programme during these Covid affected times.

Arambol Consultancy - November 2021

Hello Stephen

I completed on my sale today, and am obviously no longer a director of the RTM company.

I’d like to thank you and your team for the support and professionalism in managing [xxxxx], and making it such a desirable development. Fiona and Jane really have done a fantastic job.

More importantly, I know you are a family man, and I’d like to wish you and your family a prosperous, healthy and happy future.

Best wishes

Alex, Former RTM Director - 27/10/21

...Dr Everett also wished to extend gratitude on behalf of himself, the Westminster alumni and Imperial to Steve Drake, Regional Manager for Hurford Salvi Carr, and Tom O'Connor, who manage the flats in the old Westminster Hospital building for their help in hosting the historic ceremony.

Imperial College News - October 2021

Hi Victor

Just to say a huge thank you for your brilliant response today.

Dyno rod man was great & it's all sorted now!

It seems it was blocked somewhere on the main outside drain, as you suspected, but miraculously has cleared itself according to Mr Dyno Rod (who was very thorough).

So now for the clean up - lucky me🤣!!!

I really appreciate your swift actions.

Thank you.

Kindest regards

Hazel, Long-time Leaseholder - 06/09/21

Dear All,

I was disappointed to see that HSCPM are handing over property management responsibilities for TTW.

I have always found your service to be very professional and pretty much every individual I’ve dealt with over the last 7 years I’ve found to be competent, helpful and responsive.

I have another property in London which is managed by a different agent, and I have to say that the above is most definitely not the case with them, in fact they are absolutely useless! So I always find it a refreshing change and a pleasure to deal with your good selves.

Thank you for a job well done and best wishes for the future.

Mark Lawson, Long-time Leaseholder, Tea Trade Wharf - 25/08/21

I am writing to you to express my view on what an excellent job Julie did on the evening of the flood in my flat. Julie stayed on the call with me all night and did everything within her power to organise workmen as quickly as possible and to minimise the damage to my flat by contacting all of the owners in the block. In the following days she stayed in contact with me, dealt with the insurers promptly and checked up on me to see whether she could help further.

I was so impressed that I mentioned to the directors of another block in Fitzrovia where I am a director, that we may wish to move our management to HSC in the future.

Jacqui, CEO of International Law Firm - 25/03/21

Thank you for taking the time to meet with myself and my colleague on Friday, it was the most positive meeting we have had with a managing agent team for such a long time which was really appreciated.

Kim, Director of Housing Association - 15/03/21

Dear Fiona

I am writing to let you know that my wife and I have now sold the above flat, with completion due today. The buyer is a Mr. P. T. and I understand that he will living in the flat himself. No doubt you will soon be receiving formal notification from his lawyers. Also I suspect he will soon be in touch with you about the decorative condition of the window sills giving on to the balcony!

We are very sorry that we have had to decide to part with the flat after nearly 18 happy years, and would like to thank you for your efficient management of the block. HSCPM were by far the best of the various managing agents for the block during our period of ownership.

With all good wishes

JH, Long-time Leaseholder - 02/03/21